2021 $1 1-oz Silver Eagle Type 2 PCGS MS70 First Strike w/Blue Frame & Flag Label

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A New Silver Eagle Takes Flight In 2021!

Collectors have been waiting with bated breath for more than a year ever since the United States Mint announced that it would be changing the reverse image on its Silver Eagle coin, ending the 35-year run of former U.S. Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti’s popular Heraldic Eagle design. Many were surprised when the first Silver Eagles released for 2021 still included Mercanti’s iconic design. But don’t get your feathers ruffled, because the new design is finally here — and what a design!

The New American Silver Eagle Comes In For a Landing

The new Silver Eagle reverse design is the work of Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) artist Emily Damstra and was sculpted by Mint Medallic Artist Michael Gaudioso. It displays a full image of a Bald Eagle coming in for a landing with an oak branch held in its talons as if to add to its nest. As the second design for 2021, these Silver Eagles coins have been given a Type 2 pedigree to differentiate them from the Type 1 coins that bear the original Mercanti Heraldic Eagle reverse design. It also represents a monumental year for the Silver Eagle Series with both a first AND a last in the same year of the Mint’s most popular coin!

About the Artists:

A native of the Great Lakes region, Damstra has many U.S. coin designs to her credit, including designs for the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, the American Innovation $1 Program, the 2019 & 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Program, and the 2017 Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coin Program.

Gaudioso joined the Mint’s sculpting-engraving department in 2009 and has been involved in dozens of coin and medal programs, including the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Program, the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, 2018 World War I Centennial Silver Medals, the First Spouse Coin & Medals, and Presidential $1 Coins.

A Pair of New Added Features

With the new Silver Eagle comes a pair of new features. First is an enhanced security feature consisting of an anti-counterfeit reeded edge instituted by the Mint for the first time. This feature incorporates small gaps within the edge. The next new addition are the initials of Adolph Weinman, designer of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar struck from 1916 to 1947 and the design used for the obverse of the Silver Eagle. This marks the first time Weinman’s initials have been added to the coin and they appear directly under the “In God We Trust” motto on the coin’s obverse.

Flawless Type 2 Silver Eagles

Each 2021 Type 2 Silver Eagle available in the offer has been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as being in flawless Mint State-70 (MS70) condition, a distinction that means these perfectly-graded coins have ZERO imperfections — showing all features and fields exactly as the engraver and mint intended. In addition, PCGS has further certified that these Silver Eagles are First Strike (FS) coins, a designation that means they were received by PCGS or an PCGS-approved depository within the first 30 days of their release. Collectors seek out these coins because they are produced with new dies and considered to have sharper strikes and deeper mirrors than those that are struck later. Each will also come sonically sealed in a blue frame display holder with an American Flag label.

No matter why you love collecting American Silver Eagles or how you’ve come to appreciate them, we have the 2021 Silver Eagles that are right and ready for your collection. Whether you love them for their art or for their precious metal (or both!) we have the coins sure to delight collectors and silver stackers alike!


  • WEINMAN’S CLASSIC WALKING LIBERTY . . .— Adolph A. Weinman’s iconic Walking Liberty design first made its debut on the 1916 half dollar, lasting three decades before bowing out in 1947. In 1986, this iconic image was reborn for the Silver Eagle with her exquisitely detailed beauty remaining on the coin ever since. Weinman’s initials appear for the first time directly under the “In God We Trust” motto on the coin’s obverse.
  • . . . PAIRED FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH EMILY DAMSTRA’S ALIGHTING EAGLE! – This coin’s full bodied Bald Eagle coming in for a landing was created by designer Emily Damstra, replacing the Heraldic eagle design created in 1986 by John Mercanti.
  • EXPERTLY STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – The craftspeople of the U.S. Mint are known around the world for their skill and attention to detail. It’s this talent that transforms each one-ounce planchet of 99.9% fine silver into a beautiful piece of numismatic art measuring 40.6 mm in diameter.
  • UNITED STATES LEGAL TENDER – Each 2021 Silver Eagle bullion coin is one dollar United States of America legal tender, as seen on the coin’s reverse.
  • ADDED SECURITY FEATURE – For the first time, the Mint has instituted an enhanced security feature consisting of an anti-counterfeit measure that incorporates small gaps within the coin’s reeded edge.
  • PERFECT UNCIRCULATED CONDITION – Your 2021 Type 2 Silver Eagle has been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) in perfect Mint State-70 (MS70) condition.
  • KEY FIRST STRIKE CERTIFICATION – PCGS has certified that your Silver Eagle is a First Strike (FS) coin, meaning that it was among the first struck by the mint and was verified within the first 30 days of issue. It will come sealed in a blue frame display holder with an American Flag label.
  • TYPE 2 DESIGNATION – This coin was given the Type-2 pedigree to note that it bears the new Damstra Eagle Reverse design.

Silver Eagles like these are perennial favorites, usually flying out of our vaults as soon as they arrive! Whether you're new to the series, a diehard collector or a silver stacker looking to add to your reserve, this is your chance to secure these 2021 first-ever Type 2 Silver Eagles for your very own. Don’t wait — order yours today!